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PROJECTS | Cultural & Educational |Salamina Multiplex Cinemas and Shopping Center

Title: Salamina Multiplex Cinemas and Shopping Center

Client: Private investor

Year: 2003

Size: 3.800 sq.m.

Description: On the island of Salamina, very close to the coastline of Athens, ARIS designed a two storey Cinema Multiplex and retail shopping center. The design proposal was based on the two different uses and densities and therefore the ground floor consists of the shopping center while the first floor consists of the multiplex cinemas. The idea was to create a solid first floor, whereas the ground floor was designed to be accessible through the surrounding area. Both floors are unified by the central atrium, which brings plenty of light to the communal areas. The building is also eco-friendly and has the lowest possible environmental footprint, by using solar energy from the panels on the rooftop.