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PROJECTS | Office Buildings |Siemens Head Offices, Greece

Title: Siemens Head Offices, Greece

Client: Siemens S.A.

Year: 2004

Size: 5.300 sq.m.

Description: The plot area is 11.853 sq.m. and covers an entire block.
At the northern side of the plot exists an “S” shaped five-storey high office building of a total surface of 6.500 sq.m., with two basements used for parking and storage. The pedestrian, as well as the car entrance to the existing building is provided from Artemidos Street.
The project refers to a new independent three-storey high office building of a total surface of 5.300 sq.m., with two basements for additional parking spaces that are serviced through a new entrance from Aegialias Street. The pedestrian entrance remains at Artemidos Street.
The new construction is “L” shaped and follows the axes of the existing building as well as the axis of Paradeisou Street. With this organization of the footprint of the building a maximum of open spaces is granted.
The new building was designed with only 3 floors and a total height of 11,3m in order to be provided with more natural light. The building dimension in the short axis is 14,8m, a length that allows:
1st . the location of a circulation-corridor in the middle of the building and consequently the location of the office areas at the external sides, in order for the latter to be provided with sunlight.
2nd  . the central location of a car circulation axis with a 5,5m width in the basements and the arrangement of the parking spaces on both sides.
The design includes three staircases, one at the one end of the building and two others at each junction of two buildings. The staircases will be the physical and optical interruption of the buildings, as they will be recessed and surrounded by glass.
The façade design was based on the combination of big curtain walls with horizontal solar blinds followed by solids with alucobond coating.
At the outline of the roof terrace a colonnade will be constructed that will follow the rhythm of the ground floor, pointing out this way the transparent zone of the first and second floor.
For the coloring of the building, tones of white and grey were selected, in order to hide the building in the tone of its shadow in the horizon.
The intension was to design a low and “light in volume” building in linear arrangement, in order to unify the open spaces as well as the natural elements, s.a. light and wind.