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PROJECTS | Residential |Two-Storey Houses in Kefalonia

Title: Two-Storey Houses in Kefalonia

Client: Private

Year: 2012

Size: 210 sq.m.

Description: A.R.I.S. executed the architectural design study for two new two-storey houses with auxiliary basements, on a plot of 4.618 sq.m. These houses were designed and placed on the site so as to exploit to the maximum the sun and also to enable utilization of open spaces. The static structure of the building consists of reinforced concrete. The maximum height of the house, including the roof, is 7,14m. On the ground floor of each house there is a united room of the living room with the kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. The basement areas are auxiliary spaces and include a storage area, a garage and a boiler room. The building blends harmoniously into the surrounding area being both functional and stylish.

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