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PROJECTS | Special Uses – Public Buildings |Transfer Baggage Facility (TBF), AIA, Athens

Title: Transfer Baggage Facility (TBF), AIA, Athens


Year: 2018

Size: 2.100 sq.m.

Description: A.R.I.S. as a member of consortium with METKA and LDK Consultants took part in AIA’s international competition, concerning the Design and Construction of Transfer Baggage Facility (TBF). The project refers to an autonomous and fully functional building for the baggage handling service at an outer independent location nearby the main terminal building of A.I.A.

Taking into account that this building will have visual view from the air, this pushed us to design & propose building with (5) facades. Thus the building volume has a curved shape inspired by the aerodynamic shape of an aircraft, forming this way a landmark.
The building interior, apart from the enclosed rooms used for offices and other facilities, is mainly an open space area. The steel structure forms the curved shape with a clean ceiling as well as nice finishes. The only thing visible on the ceiling, besides the steel structure, is the trapezoidal metal sheet that supports the insulation and the curved metal cladding along with the ventilation system.
The building (2.100m²) has a simple ground geometry. On the one side is located, a roofed canopy (240 m²), on the other side is located a fenced area for ELM facilities. ARIS undertook the architectural and structural preliminary design studies.

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