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PROJECTS | Regenerations – Large Scale Projects |New Airport in Kasteli, Crete (Greece)

Title: New Airport in Kasteli, Crete (Greece)

Client: Louis Berger Group

Year: 2011

Description: The new airport in Kasteli is going to replace the existing one, which is located in Heraklion, Crete, according to the tender documents of the project. Louis Berger Group, as part of a larger consortium, undertook the preparation of the preliminary design studies, according to the tender-documents of the project. Louis Berger assigned to A.R.I.S and M.Mitropoulos, to operate as the design export, for the study development, presenting the scenarios, and the evaluation of the 4 different conceptual design proposals. Our firm, considered the entire available tender-data and prepared a comprehensive review, while suggesting alternative scenarios for the airport’s architecture.

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