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PROJECTS | Recent Projects |Recreation Of The Area of Drapetsona, Piraeus

Title: Recreation Of The Area of Drapetsona, Piraeus

Client: Municipality of Drapetsona - Keratsini

Year: 2012 Size: 660.000 sq.m.

Description: The plot of Drapetsona, one of the largest unexploited seaside plots, of the Mediterranean Sea, was used for industrial facilities years ago. Due to the fact that these facilities were either shut down or relocated, the local Municipality decided to recreate the area and add value to the local community. A.R.I.S. undertook this project, of national importance, and promoted the idea of developing Skyscrapers. Through this idea we achieved to create a design proposal, which was both attractive as an investment and at the same time included “green” areas at a percentage of approximately 70%. The existing buildings are maintained but with a different use, namely cultural centers, museums etc. Drapetsona is located next to the Piraeus port and these 2 areas are soon to be connected with a monorail. Therefore, our study comprised a wide selection of touristic attractions and leisure facilities, so as to attract the millions of tourists that arrive yearly to the port.

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