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PROJECTS | Recent Projects |Recreation Of The Area of Hellinikon, ex. Athens International Airport

Title: Recreation Of The Area of Hellinikon, ex. Athens International Airport

Client: Private Investor

Year: 2007 – present day

Size: 5.500.000 sq.m.

Description: Our team of architects and engineers was involved in the recreation of the area of Hellinikon since 2007, were an international competition took place. Since then we have been collecting market data concerning the wider area of Hellinikon. All of the data collected, along with our expertise are integrated in our design study, which comprises a wide range of different uses (commercial, residential, cultural, recreational etc.). Our proposal’s distinct characteristics, are the height of the buildings (approx. 70 meters) and the creation of a canal. The first one allows us to occupy a very small percentage of the plot, while assuring the feasibility of the project and the second one provides to the development a “link” to the sea front. The realization of this project is able to positively influence the GDP of Greece and therefore, during the last couple of years, we have started a campaign promoting the pros and cons of our proposal. Through our campaign we attracted the interest of many foreign and domestic developers willing to co-invest in this project. There has never been a more reasoned and detailed study regarding this plot and we are proud that most of our ideas and distinct characteristics were incorporated in the frame of the current international competition.

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