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PROJECTS | Special Uses – Public Buildings |Redesign & Implementation of the new corporate identity of the Hellenic Post

Title: Study for the Reorganization of the Post Offices, with implementation of the new corporate identity of the Hellenic Post Branches in Peloponnese and the Greek Islands

Client: Hellenic Post  

Year: 2002

Size: 70 branches

Description: The project was about the redesign of 70 post office branches in southern Greece. The main parameter was to develop and present a common Corporate Identity, while using matching furniture, colors & logos, inscriptions & lighting, operating systems etc. Presenting a common morphology in different places around Greece (seaside village, mountain village, traditional settlements etc.) was one of the biggest challenges. Our proposal was summarized into 4 different categories – approaches, while respecting the clients’ directions. We delivered high standard design proposals, which respected the local architecture of each branch and covered our clients’ needs.

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