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Title: Interamerican Head Offices

Client: Interamerican Hellenic Life Insurance Company

Year: 2013

Size: 6.500 sq.m.

Description: Interamerican, part of ACHMEA, the leading insurance company of Greece, decided to relocate their head offices and assigned to A.R.I.S. all of the necessary design studies of the interior along with the project management and the on-site supervision. One of our main fields of expertise is the research and development of evolutionary work environments, hence we successfully implemented in our studies new strategic planning approaches, such as “flexible working places” and “mobile working”. Through this we were able to minimize the required office space and thus we had the opportunity to create different “neighborhoods” that promote the company’s community spirit, whilst providing a variety of different work-settings in each “neighborhood”, available for all to use. The implementation of the “Interpolis Concept” (ACHMEA headquarters in the Netherlands) was one of the most challenging planning approaches we had to accomplish.

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