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PROJECTS | Special Uses – Public Buildings |Exhibition and Convention Center at Hellinikon (Terminal of the former A.I.A.)

Title: Exhibition & Convention Center in the Terminal of the former Athens Intl. Airport at Hellinikon


Year: 2003

Size: 55.000 sq.m. (35.000 exhibition, 10.000 conference, 10.000 warehouse)

Description: The project was a design – built competition and comprised the construction of a new exhibition center, the creation of a convention center within the existing terminal, the construction a Mall together with the necessary warehouse spaces and a 3 star hotel by using the existing building of transit. The entire plot was approx. 170.000 sq.m. and had two distinct levels with a 6m. elevation difference. The facilities designed in the different levels of the site were connected to each other with a steel – glass bridge.

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