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PROJECTS | Hotels & Resorts |Betelgeuse Hotel & Resort in the North-West of Greece

Title: Betelgeuse Hotel & Resort in the North-West of Greece

Client: AITHON S.A. (K. Avdis)

Year: 2013

Size: 5.500 sq.m.

Description: The hotel was designed and built on a plot of 22.000 sq.m. in northwestern Greece. The entire project comprises a central building, which includes rooms, a conference center, bars, restaurants etc. and 57 bungalows, with private swimming pools. The bungalows are connected to each other and to the central building through small pathways. However, they are also divided by small pools of water and swimming pools, together with a lot of communal “green zones”. Furthermore, within the surrounding area there is a tennis court, a large communal swimming pool and an open air bar. Our goal was to design and create, not just a hotel, but a landmark.

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