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PROJECTS | Recent Projects |Business Centre in Lykovrysi, Athens

Title: Business Centre in Lykovrysi, Athens

Client: Private Investment Fund

Year: 2017

Size: 65.000 sq.m.

Description: Our firm undertook the design study of a Business Centre development, located at a nodal point of the Lykovrysi surrounding area, with multiple uses such us: Multi-Purpose Halls, Offices, Retail shops, Food Courts, Café, medical services with Rehab centre, park and entertainment areas etc. Basic elements of our design are: The wide walkways inside and outside the building, the interior “courtyards” which flood the spaces with natural light with curving glass shopfronts. Buildings are linked by independently metal structures – bridges, in order to create a larger unit. A landmark (circular tower) is placed at the side of main road that marking the area. All selected materials cover the LEED green building guidelines, in order to produce an environmentally friendly development.

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