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PROJECTS | Regenerations – Large Scale Projects |Drapetsona Metropolitan Park, Greece

Title: Drapetsona Metropolitan Park, Greece

Client: Architectural Competition

Year: 2017

Size: 640.000 sq.m.

Description: The main goal of our approach is the creation of a Metropolitan Park diffused and integrated with the city web. This metropolitan park will form a landmark of the port of Piraeus entrance, one of the largest ports of the Mediterranean Sea. In its final configuration, the park will present one unified total. Inside the park there will be 2 islets of urban development, recreational islets and pedestrian axes. The fixed path transportation systems will be extended and the Grave Monument of Themistocles will be highlighted.

The only side to side function will be the one of the fixed path transportation system (tram). Within the facilities of the cement factory it is suggested the establishment of a university, while the rest of the area will be configured into a park. The park will cover a surface larger than the 60% of the entire plot. The entire plot will be given for public use and the only private uses will be the two urban islets, which will occupy a percentage of 10 to 12% of the plot. One further parameter that we examined and that will serve the total of the plot, to be regenerated, concerns the development of marina facilities.

The concept comprises the following:

Creation of a metropolitan park

Restored buildings and delivered back for public use. Their individual building use will be altered. Public Electricity Building (1), Glass factory (2), Silo (3), Ammonia Factory (4), Research Institute (5), but also the Water tower (8).

Two storey shopping mall and a four storey parking lot. This building complex, will be covered by a roof garden (7).

Development of two “Urban Islets” with new buildings at small coverage with commercial and services uses.

Preservation of the 2 existing football stadiums and the school, and development of tennis and basketball courts, as well as sports and supporting facilities.

Concerning the Coastal zone, is proposed the creation of a recreational zone together with a promenade with small buildings such as canteens and restaurants. This area will be connected to the pedestrian network, while the access by car will be limited at the rear border.

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