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PROJECTS | Recent Projects |EYDAP Offices in Galatsi, Athens

Title: EYDAP Offices in Galatsi, Athens

Client: EYDAP S.A.

Year: 2017

Size: 300 sq.m.

Description: A.R.I.S. executed the 3rd floor architectural and ELM design study for the renovation & refurbishment of EYDAP office facilities in Galatsi. The functions and uses are merged harmonically and comprise office spaces, training room, meeting room, copy & print area & a kitchenette. The meeting area is designed to be centrally placed in the office area, so it can be easily accessed by employees of all departments. Moreover, this is an area with special design needs, since all meetings will take place there. So we have made a special design study with special materials' selection. Office partitions that are in direct contact with the corridor are glass. This provides an open layout that allows visual contact and promotes the team spirit.

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