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PROJECTS | Industrial |Pharmaceutical Industry Laboratories and Offices, Greece

Title: Pharmaceutical Industry Laboratories and Offices, Greece

Client: Bennett Pharmaceuticals S.A.

Year: 2014

Size: 1.400 sq.m.

Description: As the pharmaceutical industry is on the path to growth, Bennett following the upward trend, decided to expand the facilities by adding to its asset a building unit in Paiania industrial area.

Our study included and the aesthetic upgrading of the building and the design of the surrounding area. White aluminum panels were chosen and where appropriate to be perforated, to allow daylight to enter the workplace. The white color of the panels, gives the sense of health and cleanliness that is required in our case.

At the same time, we created a light and sunny waiting area where is situated the reception. We created a comfortable and pleasant waiting area for company’s visitors. The surrounding space has been redesigned to meet new needs, with high aesthetics materials, aiming to create a sense of calm in relation to the surrounding "industrial" environment.

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